Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mid-Season Predictions - Rookie of the Year

Pre-Season Picks

American League

Dustin -
(Pre-Season Pick - Koji Uehara) Well, that was embarrassing, but not my most embarrassing pick I made in the pre-season. I think one of my favorites is Scott Richmond, but I am fairly certain that is just being biased towards my fantasy team. He is 6-5 with 1 complete game under his belt, and a fairly respectable 3.69ERA, remember he plays for the Jays in the stacked NL East. He has gotten bitten by the injury bug though, and lets face it, people like to forget about MLBs Canadian team when you have large east coast city teams like Boston, New York, and Baltimore, along with the surprising Rays. So, I am going to stick with the Orioles. Matt Wieters(above) came into the league with much fanfare, and the fantasy wires went crazy instantly. No, his arrival doesn't mean the O's have a chance to win anything this season, but Wieter's talent is not to be argued. He hasn't been stellar by any means so far (.260, 3HR, 9RBIS), but there aren't too many other options out there. If Gordon Beckham hits a groove though, he will make a case for himself since he is on a much better White Sox team.

Lange - (Pre-Season Pick - Matt Wieters) There are a lot of prominent rookies in the Majors this season, especially rookie pitchers. I did pick Wieters, but his offensive production in the first half is not nearly enough to give him the award. Hell, his teammate, rookie outfielder Noland Reimold (.257, 9HR, 23RBIS) has had a much better first half, as has one of the rookies now featured in the O's rotation. Brad Bergesen has been very good for a bad team, with a 6-3 record and 3.54 ERA. Ultimately I'll stay in the division but go north of the border to identify the AL Rookie of the Year. Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Ricky Romero, the guy drafted after Ryan Braun, has gone 7-3 with a 3.00 ERA and 69 K's in 87 IP. Yet another member of the most talented baseball draft in recent history.

A. Guss - (Pre-Season Pick - Bret Anderson) So, this pick was a great one...Well unless, he can start pitching the way he has up until the All-Star Game. In his last 3 starts, Anderson has picked up 2 wins, 19 K, and 1 earned run. However, I picture the A's shipping Matt Holliday elsewhere soon, and there goes the supporting cast. I'll be picking Gordon Beckham(right) from the White Sox as my new pick. He is entrenched in the starting 3rd base spot, and has recently shown that he can be a productive player. In early June his batting average was .172 to a current .272 average. Over the last 16 game heading into the break he is batting .367 and 12 RBI. Did I mention he only played 59 minor league games? He's still adjusting to the game, and I only see more big numbers from him after the break.

National League

Dustin - (Pre-Season Pick - Cameron Maybin) I bought into the hype, not going to lie there. Maybin's name has been mentioned since he was first drafted, and he finally was going to get his chance.....well, he managed to bat .202 in 84 ABs and earned himself a trip to the AAA New Orleans. While the future is still bright for Maybin, I am still thankful that Doug Melvin and Jack Z. went away from their philosophy of picking the best available player because of signing fears, and snared a one Ryan Braun (Melvin was in need of a future Deputy). Speaking of the Brewers, Casey McGehee is a name that will be mentioned if he keeps his numbers up. However, with Tommy Hanson (4-0, 2.85 ERA) and Colby Rasmus (.281, 11 HR, 34 RBIs) in the picture, the feel good story of McGehee is going to stay as is. Chicks dig the long ball, and so do sports writers...couple that with a contending St. Louis team and Colby Rasmus is your leading candidate.

Lange - (Pre-Season Pick - Cameron Maybin) I did give some love to Colby Rasmus(right) in our preseason awads, but the Cards had a logjam of Outfielders so I didn't expect him to get the playing time to win the award. Luckily for him, Ryan Ludwick and Rick Ankiel got hurt, and Rasmus has been in the lineup ever since. Through the first half, his 11 home runs and .278 average give him the award. That said, if he starts to slip LaRussa will sit him down to get his veteran's more at-bats, so a guy like Andrew McCutchen of the Pirates could have a chance to catch and pass him in the second half. Another good rookie, and also in the NL Central, has been Cubs pitcher Randy Wells, who has a 2.48 ERA in eleven starts. Oh by the way, Rasmus was also a product of the 2005 draft, picked 28th by St. Louis.

A. Guss - (Pre-Season Pick - Jordan Zimmerman) I should stop picking pitchers altogether. But, I'm not going to and my choice for ROY will have to be Tommy Hanson. I understand the Braves sent him down to add depth to their bullpen, but he'll be right back. He has posted a 4-0 record, and a 2.85 ERA.

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