Thursday, July 23, 2009

Favre getting cold feet?

According to Ed Werder, Brett Favre seems "anguished" over choice on whether or not to play for the Minnesota Vikings. Is he getting cold feet this close to his self-mandated date on whether to return or not? I'd have to think this very important decision for Favre is quite the opposite of a stress relaxer. While, Brett has fans in Green Bay ready to start bon-fires of his memorabilia, and Vikings fans thinking Super Bowl, will it be a yes or no?

With receiving phone calls from star Vikings players trying to lure him back with the temptation of another Super Bowl seem to great, Brett's diva skills are conflicting him. Is he more worried about his legacy if he fails?

Who cares, we all know he'll throw 30 TDs, and 25 INTs regardless next year. He'll have to put aside his me-first attitude in Minnesota, unlike his first stint away from Green Bay in New York where players seemed to hate on him.

Also, how would you feel ife you were Sage Rosenfels or Tavaris Jackson? Would you want to play on a team with its players and coaches trying to bring in another QB? These two players are the victims, right along side Green Bay Packer fans and Favre's legacy.

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