Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good Luck Bill Hall - We Mean That

We at Sheffield's House have been hard on you Bill Hall. Very hard in fact. The number of A$$BAGS that flew around this website were plentiful. Those, A$$BAGS, certainly made sure we didn't fool anyone into thinking we were trying to look professional, but Bill, you deserved them.

Bill, you gave us a great 2006, and we appreciated that. You then struggled in 2007, but we all agreed that you just needed to find a permanent home on defense, and you found it at third base after Braun was moved to the outfield. But, Billy, you struggled even worse in 2008. You said you couldn't see the ball and that LaSIK would fix that in the offseason, we bit at that. In 2009 though, no excuses, just, plain bad!

It had to hurt your pride to accept assignment, you certainly didn't have to, but you knew it was in everyone's best interest. You need quality ABs to get your stroke back and you aren't going to get that in Milwaukee. So, way to man up and head to Nashville. You gained a little bit of my respect back.

Here's hoping you do find your swing, it'll be a nice shot in the arm for the ball club that might need it come September. Everyone likes a good come back story, even Milwaukee, even for you.

Good Luck Bill, you show the Pacific League who the boss is! Remember, Bill Hall won wins games!


Anonymous said...

I think it's a good move for Hall and the team. I hope he can get his stroke back and possibly make a contribution off the bench down the stretch. I can't see him being an everyday player, but could be a big bat off the bench. Something that has been lacking all year. It would be nice to get something out of his big salary.

AverageDude said...

Hes still an a$$bag; lets be clear about that.

Anonymous said...

No, he's not.

Anonymous said...

Oh anonymous, really it would be nice.

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