Monday, July 13, 2009

Dear Ryan J Braun

Let me start with this. You are my favorite player, plain and simple. You've done great things in the batters box, awesome! Great for you, Great for the fans, Great for my fantasy team! Until lately when you made certain comments about a certain pitching staff.

We all know the background information here. Mr. Braun decided to call out his pitching and stated something to the effect of "it sucks" and "we need help"(thats me taking his words into a different tone).

Since July 6th, Ryan has gone 3-25 with 1 base on balls, 4 strikeouts, 0 RBI's, and only 2 runs scored (Brewers are 2-4 in that span). Prince Fielder, clearly having the making of an MVP year, is mashing behind him. Where's the production Ryan? Be careful what you say as a Brewer, we seem to be just as cursed as our hated foes to the south.

We all know that he can turn it around, but why mount the pressure on yourself? It's nice that you take the fans side, you said what we've all been thinking, but thats not your job.
Go out and hit some F***ing home runs, knock in some of your G** D*** teammates, and work yourself into scoring position for the largest vegetarian you'll see. In case youve been missing it he's having a fine year, you wanna do us all a favor and join in?

Thats what we pay you for.

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Cadillac Pat said...

Well Said.

My thoughts exactly.

I love the passion, I love that you wanna win. So you said your piece.

Now move on, and start hitting the frickin' ball, dude.