Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Huntsville in danger?

During an interview with the Huntsville Times earlier this month, Gord Ash warned that the lack of attendance could cause the Brewers to leave after their agreement expires after the 2010 season. The Stars are last in average attendance in the Southern League just averaging 1,523 fans a game. And it isn't because of the farm talent the Brewers have had there, or because the Stars don't win games. The Brewers have had quite a bit of talent run through Huntsville the last few years. So what's the problem Huntsville? The Brewers left Indianapolis a few years ago, also left Beloit, and now may be relocating after the 2010 season with their AA team.

I guess even if the PCL Redbirds with the nicest stadium is losing attendance and money, some minor league teams might also be struggling with the economy more than their big league counterparts.

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Kyle Lobner said...

If the Brewers leave Huntsville, it won't be because of the attendance. The Brewers could care less how many fans are in the seats, as long as their prospects are getting the best opportunity to hone their skills.

With that said, it's possible/likely the Stars organization will decide to move the franchise to another city, a nicer ballpark and a fan base that allows them to make money.