Monday, August 31, 2009

No Surprise Here Folks....Rich Rod crys

Rich Rodriguez probably wishes he was back at West Virginia today. Michigan football went 3-9 last year, and now may be in violation of NCAA rules. And, this also comes after a ugly exit from West Virginia. I'll give him credit that he wears his heart on his sleeve, but he'll have to much better than last year to keep his job at Michigan. Michigan fans won't be able to handle another losing season, and will run him out of town just like they did Lloyd Carr.

Who is in your Starting 5?

After yet another disappointing ,but expected year for the Milwaukee Bucks have made quite a few changes to their roster. Hammond drafted Brandon Jennings and Jodie Meeks, and also added Kurt Thomas, Carlos Delfino and Roko Ukik recently through a trade. Former, Big East star Hakim Warricks also signed as a free agent a month ago. Ramon Sessions who was offered a deal, has yet to sign with the Bucks or another possible team.

So if you were Scott Skiles, who would be your starting 5?

C -Andrew Bogut
F - Hakim Warrick/Luc Mbah a Moute
F - Carlos Delfino
G - Michael Redd
G - Jennings

Michael Redd and Andrew Bogut are the cornerstones, which should still leave room for rookie Brandon Jennings. He played a lot of minutes in Summer League, and should be the favorite for the starting PG job over Luke Ridnour. With Warrick banished in Memphis, I haven't seen nor heard enough about him to give him the job over Mbah a Moute, but I am sure Warrick's career 10.2 PPG, 4.3 RPG can help the Bucks front court. Warrick is also in his fourth year, and he still should improve.

Leave us a comment! Post your starting 5.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Brewers attendance approaches 3 million

Even though the Brewers have disappointed most this season, total season attendance should break the 3 million mark again. Don Walker explains how the Brewers kept the attendance up, while expectations have plunged.

How to explain all of this? First, there was the expectation, now dashed, that the Brewers would be in the playoff hunt this year. As a result, fans bought into the various partial season-ticket plans the Brewers offered going into the season.

Second, the Brewers are very good at selling to groups. Large groups like to come to the ballpark knowing ahead of time that rainy weather won't cancel a game.

Third, the Brewers are promotion-heavy. On Sunday, the Brewers are giving away Jeff Suppan bobble-heads.

So what does this mean Brewer fans? Can we possibly use the money on a top tier FA pitcher?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Newest WR Diva Suspended

Josh McDaniels may be a new head coach, but he's already had a huge impact on this season. First, it was sending Denver's All-Pro quarterback Jay Cutler to Chicago, and now the team has suspended Brandon Marshall indefinitely. Is this something the Broncos should be proud of? It seems as if the Broncos has a new world order this season as its about the team first, no matter the talent of the player.

Marshall is a stud WR, but he follows the same path as Chad Ochocinco or Terrell Owens. After demanding a trade in the off season, and also complaining that the Broncos medical staff misdiagnosing an injury and was required to have hip surgery in the off season. Oh, and he also wants a new contract. It seems as if the Broncos do not care, and will continue without Marshall.

It was reported by KMGH-TV on Wednesday, that Marshall during practice was acting like a child. While the team was running, Marshall was walking, he punted a ball instead of handing it to a ball boy, and swatted a pass down that was thrown to him. Earlier this week, Marshall was quoted that he hasn't even learned McDaniel's playbook yet.

These kinds of actions should get you suspended. He isn't even trying to earn a good rep with his new coach or teammates. His credibility will forever be damaged.

Can someone please explain to me why WR's are the diva position of the NFL?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trouble in Paradise?

According to the Chicago Tribune, an un-named source has leaked to the press that Vikings players have expressed unhappiness with the signing of Brett Favre. The report states that some players inside the Vikings locker room believed that Tavaris Jackson should have been the starter. Others saying that Rosenfehls was deserving of the job.

This can be quelled by the Vikings in a number of ways. One of which is winning. Don't expect to here reports like this if Favre comes out swinging this season. Winning does solves most problems in the NFL. However, as we saw with the Jets at the end of last season, losing causes loose lips, and there was no shortage of Favre bashing coming from the Jets locker room.

The Vikings management has to knip this in the butt ASAP. I am sure within the next day or so we will here a vote of confidence from Chili, Peterson, or even Tavaris Jackson. After all, the organization went all-in on Favre, and it's not even week 1.

Hitler Upset Vikings Sings Brett Favre


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reds 4, Brewers 3 (10 innings)

It took 10 innings, but the Reds knocked off the Crew today 4-3 in 10 innings. Too be honest, I had a fantasy football draft and didn't catch the game until it mattered the most in the 10th inning. Ryan Braun, Milwaukee's 2nd favorite son, gave away the game to a Dustin McDonald double over his head Tatum to score the winning run. Then it was time for the dramatics...could the Crew stars beat their former closer, Francisco Cordero in walk off fashion?

No, same old Brewers, and same old Ryan Braun striking out when it matters most. Yes, I know he vaulted the Brewers into the Wild Card, but what has he done since? Of course, Brewer MVP Prince Fielder got a base knock, but with Cameron and McGehee behind him, there wasn't any hope. McGehee struck out, and Cameron barely made contact the ball making it an easy out and the 27th save for Coco.

MVP: Prince Fielder 2 hits, 2 RBI
LVP: Casey McGehee 0/4, 4 LOB

Buzzards above Miller Park

GM Doug Melvin has placed six players on waivers today. Trevor Hoffman, Cameron, Counsell, Lopez, Kendall, and Looper. So there it is folks, the white flag from the Brewers GM. Now the question is, are any contenders going to want to pick any of these players up. Doug Melvin obviously will consider the talent he will be getting in return for these players (unless he forgot he doesn't live in Pittsburgh). It would be great to see Craig Counsell or Jason Kendall end up on a winning team to win a ring. Trading away some of these players seems the right moves as September creeps closer, and the rosters expand. Its time to see what some players such as Rivera will do with regular starts. I'm sure he can do better than Kendall any day of the week.

Good news is that Corey Hart and Seth McClung both worked out today hoping to return within a few weeks. Hart is scheduled to head to Nashville Sept. 1-3, before rejoining the Brewers.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hang the Pennant, Jeff Suppan is Back!

Yes, the Brewers rotation is finally in tact once again. No more Mike Burns, no more trying to start Seth McClung or Carlos Villanueva. All three were abysmal for the most part in the starters role with the Brewers, save a good outing here or there.

So, much buzz has been made on the telecasts and the radio shows about how the starting rotation is back in tact. The starting rotation that was a part of the incredible winning streak from the end of April through a good portion of May. And with the Wild Card, supposedly, in reach, I am supposed to feel excited....for Jeff Suppan's start tonight? I know they want to keep viewers and listeners tuned in, but we're not stupid. Though I will admit, getting Dave Bush back on Thursday will be nice, as he is usually fairly consistent.

I'm not going to give up watching or going to games. I don't want to feel I was spoiled by 1 year in the playoffs. I used to be able to go to games and watch, all the way until the end, why should I stop now because of a disappointing season? It could be worse, you could have spent tons of cash on your teams and be doing as bad or worse (Cubs, Mets) or you could be the team that made the World Series and collapse this season like the Rays, albeit in a brutal division.

So, Jeff Suppan, I do wish you all the best tonight. I hope you pitch well. Even though both the Low-A batters and the AAA batters teed off on you, maybe you were just teasing the Reds into licking their chops. I highly doubt that, but since I have to watch you for one more year...I'm going to agree with the media to help warp my mind and numb the pain. Welcome Back!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Brett Favre is NOT funny - Sears Ad

Cash for Clunkers - Brett Favre Edition

The Vikings have announced that Favre will start and play the entire 1st half against Houston.

"You have to keep an eye on it," Vikings Coach Brad Childress said, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press. "... By his own admission, he probably threw 200 balls in the Jets' first day of practice [last year] and probably set himself back, with the fans and the crowd--trying to show off, a little bit."

Just some more excuses from Chilly, and that they've decided to limit the amount of throws Favre can dish out.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nike: Don't Criticize (Hyperize)

Andre Iguodala as CHIEF BLOCKA
Mo Williams as FOG RAW
Kevin Durant as VELVET HOOP
Rashard Lewis as ICE-O

Real Manny Parra shows up today

Brewers pitching suffered in today's 8-3 loss to the Nationals. Manny Parra had won his last four out of five starts, but today he once again melted down. He lasted until the 3 1-3rd inning, giving up eight hits, eight runs, five of those earned runs. Typical Manny Parra right there folks. He almost tricked you that Chris Bosio had corrected his mechanics and his mental "toughness".

So how do we fix the Brewers pitching staff for next year? I still don't believe Gallardo is a true ace yet.

SP - ?
SP - Gallardo
SP - ?
SP - Bush
SP - Parra

Those questions marks are obvious acquisitions that GM Doug Melvin needs to make during the off season. The mock pitching rotation with the two additions could be a good rotation in the NL Central. If Doug Melvin isn't on the hot seat, he will be if in the off season he doesn't add 1-2 quality starting pitchers. If he settles for a Braden Looper type deal, then well forget it, he'll have a riot on his hands on Miller Park Way.

And congratulations to Alcides Escobar, who hit his first major league home run today.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The world according to Favre

Mark Kriegel puts it into perspective, and how much maybe Brett Favre lies?

March 2, 2001, after signing a contract that made him the NFL's first $100 million player: "I do want to be a Packer for life ... I couldn't envision myself playing with another team ... If that was to ever come up, I would probably just retire."

The world according to Favre - Mark Kriegel (

Madden 10 Roster Update - Brett Favre

It didn't take long, but Brett Favre and Mike Vick have already been added to the Madden 10 roster. Check out the full roster update.

Miami Dolphins casting reality television show

No, not really but after Venus and Serena Williams joined the ownership roster it could make for interesting television. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has recently let Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Marc Anthony, and Jimmy Buffett buy into the ownership group. And, even better they could just save money on halftime performances and do them themselves. Too bad, the Marlins brass didn't think of this idea. Maybe more than 500 people would make it to the game.

Look out Bill Parcells, Venus and Serena may mean business when they want Ricky Williams to be the featured back.

Jack Zduriencik is a crazy man

First it was Brad Nelson, and now our good buddy Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik has picked up Bill Hall. The horrible Bill Hall was designated for assignment last week, and is not expected to be play for Seattle until tomorrow. So who did we get for Bill Hall? At first, I thought it may be a few autographed Russell Branyan bats, but we actually got a living breathing person. What a steal! Ruben Flores, a 25 year old righty has spent most of his time in high-A ball, going 2-2 with a 2.30 ERA.

But the bad news, Doug and Mark didn't spend any money in FA last year, or add salary to help the Brewers, but we'll picking up parts of Hall's salary. The Brewers will pay all of this season's remaining salary plus a large portion of next year's $8.4 million. So yeah, no more Bill Hall, just his salary. I'll take it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Favre is back!!!!!!!! Part 456

Well looks like those unidentified Vikings players were correct. Brett Favre will be the Vikings QB on opening weekend in the NFL. I enjoyed the several weeks of Packer fans rejoicing that their hero would not be wearing the purple and gold of the Vikings. Well, you can all come out from underneath the blanket that Favre tossed over your faces, because he's already taking snaps with the Vikings wearing the beloved #4 jersey.

Chris Mortensen is reporting the deal is worth between $10-$12 million dollars.

So who is excited for the greatest showdown in Lambeau Field ever? Farvezilla vs. GB Packers on November 1st?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

PreSeason Week 1 Recap: Packers 17, Browns 0

The Packers showcased their new defensive scheme last night in a successful debut at Lambeau Field. Racking up 3 sacks, a forced fumble, and 4 interceptions, Green Bay's new defense was nothing short of a success. So far at least.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the evening was the play of many of our backup players. Desmond Bishop, widely considered an up-and-comer, shined with 4 tackles, a sack, and a pick. Cornerback number 3, Tramon Williams, looked solid in his start at corner. With both Harris and Woodson not playing, williams showed moments of flair, nabbing a INT off Derek Anderson in the second quarter.

On the offensive side, Rodgers was solid, going 5 of 10 for 102 yards and a TD. The Td, which came on a 53 yard bomb in the 1st to Driver, showed an offensive line providing excellent protection. With the loss of Tauscher, this was an encouraging sign.

Grant showed some power too, muscleing for 28 yards and a TD on 6 carries.

For our first 'game', the Pack looked polished. However the most important thing to take away from this game was the great play by our 2nd and 3rd stringers. Having too many good players, especially at linebacker, is a problem the Packers should be happy to have.

Check out this link if you missed the Green Bay opening drive.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary GB

As football season draws near, all of the Wisconsin fans energy will, and should (sorry Brewer fan, but it's over) be focused on the Packers. So what better way to ring in the season than a retrospective on the REAL America's team. We will start things off today with a celebration of the NFL's most storied franchise. Enjoy this article Packer Nation, and expect in-depth Packers coverage here at Shef's House all season long.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bill Hall update

Way to hit a bomb when it doesn't even matter, and stick your chew out of your face while you watched it AGAIN, a$$bag! Can't you just put your head down and run so angry.

Bill Hall Update

If you would have hustled instead of staring at the ball you hit up the middle you probably would have been safe, gotten an RBI, and extended the inning for your team. And I just realized David Eckstein is the one who made the throw. Andrew Guss of Sheffields House has a better arm then he does, and Bill Hall knows this having had his brief stint with Toppers Pizza softball. Bill Hall, you truly are an A$$bag.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sergio Garcia gets a headshot

Bud Norris can kill two stones with one bird.

Strange how another young pitcher just torched the Brewers? Bud Norris struck out 7 in six innings of work, and make Frank Catalanotto wish he was back sitting on his couch.

Anyone else think before Jason Michaels jacked a 3 RBI homer, that Macha should've kept CV12 in?

Close game, your team needs to win, and you give Erstad a free ride because your pitcher gets burned by lefties, and then the person DiFelice is suppose to get out hits the 3-run home run. Go figure. Still, Erstad just came off the DL and he was hitting .183 against righties....please no free passes (except for Pujols) when we're in close games...and still have hope to have October baseball.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Will Prince get revenge?

Just in case you missed Prince Fielder want to destroy Mota, here is the video:

The Brewers got rocked last night for their worst loss of the year. Fielder, already looks like he had enough of Mota and the Dodgers. Manny Ramirez is out of the Dodgers lineup tonight as he's too afraid to play. Shortly after the game last night, Manny watched this commercial:

No, that's probably not the real reason but a good excuse due to his recent lack of success since the All Star break.

Stay tuned folks, we may see some more fireworks tonight!! But, probably not as Bud Selig as a Commish has pretty much softened the game up to a no contact sport.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bill Hall is Back, Hide your children!!!

No No No...

Im quite sure that some of the Brewers faithful are making this a casual part of their conversations these days. The constant disapproval of managers, coaches and players alike has been mainstream seemingly since the start of June.

Well the latest move to confuse this Brewer fan is the recalling of Bill Hall back to the City of Milwaukee.

I know that Cory Hart is hurt, and we dont want to waste any of the millions that we are paying Bill Hall, but I think the wise investment would have been to keep him down there as planned. He needs to regain his confidence, he needs to rework his swing, he needs consistent playing time to do that. I dont see him getting that over the next two weeks even with cory hart out. You know Ken Macha is going to give Catalanato every chance he can, and why not? He's a proven hitter.

Not gonna rant on and on about this. I feel like even though this move seems almost rhetorical with a player going down in the outfield, that we made the wrong decision with our money, lets protect our investment, not waste it.