Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Buzzards above Miller Park

GM Doug Melvin has placed six players on waivers today. Trevor Hoffman, Cameron, Counsell, Lopez, Kendall, and Looper. So there it is folks, the white flag from the Brewers GM. Now the question is, are any contenders going to want to pick any of these players up. Doug Melvin obviously will consider the talent he will be getting in return for these players (unless he forgot he doesn't live in Pittsburgh). It would be great to see Craig Counsell or Jason Kendall end up on a winning team to win a ring. Trading away some of these players seems the right moves as September creeps closer, and the rosters expand. Its time to see what some players such as Rivera will do with regular starts. I'm sure he can do better than Kendall any day of the week.

Good news is that Corey Hart and Seth McClung both worked out today hoping to return within a few weeks. Hart is scheduled to head to Nashville Sept. 1-3, before rejoining the Brewers.


Dustin said...

The only one who could probably be of any value (for the Brewers) would be Lopez. Unfortunately, his arch injury will probably prevent that. I think Melvin waited a little too long.

James said...

don't forget; rivera is terribly inconsistent defensively and seems to have a general lack of concentration. his hitting numbers often are cover for his shortcomings

A.Guss said...

I'd still like to see more PT for Rivera. I mean is Kendall that much better?

Dustin said...

And Rivera obviously can't call a game, or else Bush would have had a no-hitter.

I have noticed nothing too terribly faulty about Rivera's defense.