Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hang the Pennant, Jeff Suppan is Back!

Yes, the Brewers rotation is finally in tact once again. No more Mike Burns, no more trying to start Seth McClung or Carlos Villanueva. All three were abysmal for the most part in the starters role with the Brewers, save a good outing here or there.

So, much buzz has been made on the telecasts and the radio shows about how the starting rotation is back in tact. The starting rotation that was a part of the incredible winning streak from the end of April through a good portion of May. And with the Wild Card, supposedly, in reach, I am supposed to feel excited....for Jeff Suppan's start tonight? I know they want to keep viewers and listeners tuned in, but we're not stupid. Though I will admit, getting Dave Bush back on Thursday will be nice, as he is usually fairly consistent.

I'm not going to give up watching or going to games. I don't want to feel I was spoiled by 1 year in the playoffs. I used to be able to go to games and watch, all the way until the end, why should I stop now because of a disappointing season? It could be worse, you could have spent tons of cash on your teams and be doing as bad or worse (Cubs, Mets) or you could be the team that made the World Series and collapse this season like the Rays, albeit in a brutal division.

So, Jeff Suppan, I do wish you all the best tonight. I hope you pitch well. Even though both the Low-A batters and the AAA batters teed off on you, maybe you were just teasing the Reds into licking their chops. I highly doubt that, but since I have to watch you for one more year...I'm going to agree with the media to help warp my mind and numb the pain. Welcome Back!

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