Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trouble in Paradise?

According to the Chicago Tribune, an un-named source has leaked to the press that Vikings players have expressed unhappiness with the signing of Brett Favre. The report states that some players inside the Vikings locker room believed that Tavaris Jackson should have been the starter. Others saying that Rosenfehls was deserving of the job.

This can be quelled by the Vikings in a number of ways. One of which is winning. Don't expect to here reports like this if Favre comes out swinging this season. Winning does solves most problems in the NFL. However, as we saw with the Jets at the end of last season, losing causes loose lips, and there was no shortage of Favre bashing coming from the Jets locker room.

The Vikings management has to knip this in the butt ASAP. I am sure within the next day or so we will here a vote of confidence from Chili, Peterson, or even Tavaris Jackson. After all, the organization went all-in on Favre, and it's not even week 1.

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