Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Out Like a Lamb

Here's my inaugural post. I'd like to thank Guss for allowing me to contribute here.

The Crew released Mike Lamb today. Granted, not a major move but I had thought he'd make the club in order to preserve organizational depth. He also would have been a decent platoon partner for Billy Hall. So much for that, the ex-Cub better produce now.

Sheffield Released

In keeping with the blog's name, I feel this post to be important. Too bad, so sad....hey, maybe the Brewers Should try and sign him, haha.

Sheffield Released

I don't see him signing on in the NL, as he is probably only useful anymore as a DH, but lets hope he signs on with someone who will be visiting Miller Park this year. I want to heckle and boo him again, I miss those days....I want Milwaukee to continue to be his "hell"

Gaaaaaaaaaary, Gaaaaaaaary, Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaary.............YOU SUCK!!!

Or better yet, no one signs him, and he forever sits on 499 HRs

Another former Brewer released, Sheffield to Philly?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Trevor Hoffman to DL

As expected, Trevor Hoffman has been placed on the DL. This could be a problem since Charlie Carlos Villanueva is expected to handle the ninth inning. After a rough spring, hopefully Villanueva can hold down the fort while Hoffman comes back from the oblique strain.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nice History of the Barrel Man

Jim Stingl of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote a pretty interesting piece on the history of the half man, half keg character better known as Barrel Man.

Bernie Brewer's barrel-bellied predecessor still rolling

Saturday, March 28, 2009

2009 MLB Predictions - Rookie of the Year


Dustin - It would seem the obvious choice would actually be David Price, after his marvelous post season stint with the Tampa Bay Rays, it would seem as if he was a grizzled veteran and not in fact vying for the ROY award, however, I have a hard time wanting to put faith in a young pitcher, even one as talented and as proven as David Price. Price is currently in the minors, but I expect to see him called up early in the season. My next choice was going to be Matt LaPorta, but he too was optioned to the minors, and while I could see him being called up and winning the award ala Braun and Longoria, there just isn't enough certainty he'll be called up to pick him. So, without further ado.....my selection, Baltimore's #2 starter and an experienced Japanese pitcher. Let's hope for the Orioles sake they got a Dice-K and not a Kei Igawa: Koji Uehara

A.Guss - LHP Bret Anderson of Oakland is my choice. He was acquired from Arizona in the Dan Haren trade. Last year in Class A and Class AA he struck out 118 in 105 innings of work. Bob Geren and Billy Beane will hopefully be making the call up by the all-star break.

Lange -
There are a handful of young players that could help their teams this year, Price and LaPorta among them. Two pitchers for the A's could have a big impact, Brett Anderson and Trevor Cahill, although neither has pitched above the Double-A level. So my pick is a guy that was sent down, Matt Wieters the Baltimore Catcher. All signs point to this guy being a stud.


Dustin -
I hate to be boring on this one, but you have to expect a 5-tool player like Cameron Maybin who has such high expectations to perform.......Cameron Maybin

A.Guss -
I am staying with a pitcher on this choice as well, eliminating the favorite Cameron Maybin from discussion. Jordan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals is my choice. This season he will be the fifth starter in the rotation and with his current velocity should be a top arm for Manny Acta's bunch.

Lange -
Cards outfielder Colby Rasmus will be a popular pick, but Tony "Worst Haircut in Baseball" LaRussa generally doesn't play rookies so it's not happening. Andrew McCutchen is a name you'll hear out of Pittsburgh, but it looks like Maybin's to lose, we've been hearing about him since he was 18, so it's time to deliver. Cameron Maybin, ROY.

NL Rookie of the Year?

Information Overload

Bob Wolfley chats about MLB Network's odd scheduling.

Gillispie is out at Kentucky.

Eddie Johnson thinks it is a 3 way race for NBA MVP.

Miguel Tejada avoids big trouble, gets probation.

Right Field Bleachers explains why Rickie Week's does not suck.

C.C. Sabathia will make the first start at new Yankee Stadium.

Former Brewer, Corey Koskie ends comeback attempt.

Gary Sheffield finds his home run stroke.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Show some love...

... to College Hockey.

The Wisconsin Badger Hockey season ended last weekend. After a disappointing loss to Denver in the WCHA semi-finals, Bucky knocked North Dakota in the third place game.

The big news this week, is the unsurprising news that star Defenseman Jamie McBain is turning pro.

McBain was great this year, but unfortunately my memories of him will be the North Dakota game where, on a power play with a one-goal lead, he turned the puck over and it lead to a Sioux short-handed goal. Bucky lost 2-1 (much to my chagrin).

All in All McBain was a stud this year, and if he wins the Hobey Baker he deserves it. I look forward to seeing him in the NHL.

Video of the Week

NFL invades NASCAR

As you probably already know Roger Goodell wants an NFL season of at least 17-18 total games. You can read plenty elsewhere on the pros and cons of this move alone. But what about effecting other sports?

Not that I watch NASCAR, but what comes two weeks after the Super Bowl? The Daytona 500. NASCAR's biggest race, and their own "Super Bowl" of racing.
“I don’t think I can make a definitive answer to [changing the date], but I would have a hard time today seeing how that would work for everybody – working for the media partners, working for the sponsors that we share and quite frankly, working for the fan and the consumer base,” said Roger VanDerSnick, senior vice president for marketing and business operations for DIS parent company International Speedway Corp.

Looks like Roger Goodell will have to cozy up to the NASCAR folks...

(Via Scenedaily.com)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WBC: Why doesn't America care?

In front of a rowdy crowd on Monday night, the World Baseball Classic crowned it's second championship. In extra innings Japan, behind Seattle Mariners All-Star Ichiro Suzuki, knocked off rival South Korea 5-3.

So why does it seem like no one noticed? The tournament is far from perfect, but I know it gave me chills when David Wright put the USA in the semi's in walk-off fashion. The passion just is not there like it is in competing countries.

This is a discussion that could go on for a long, long time, but here are a few problems that need to be addressed for the United States:

Where's the pitching?

No offense to Roy Oswalt and Jake Peavy, but the American pitching in the WBC was awful. The other Pitchers to start games for USA were Ted Lilly and Jeremy Guthrie, with guys like Roy Halladay and C.C. Sabathia not participating.

More importantly, the pitchers need to be ready. If you watched one game you could see that the hurlers were nowhere near being in-shape.

What's going on?

Simplify this tournament, please. I still have no idea how team's advance and until I heard the words "semi-finals," it was next to impossible to know what a win meant.

There are so many games played that seem no to matter that the average fan has no idea what is going on. Less round robin, please.

Is it still going on?

It's too easy to lose track of what's going on, with too few games spread out over too long. Tighten up the scheduling and play more back to back days.

All in all, I really enjoyed the WBC and look forward to 2012. The reality is that it will not be the big event it deserves to be unless baseball decides that it is more important than the regular season. I do not see that happening anytime soon.

Bet against Bucky next year

Bodog Sportsbook apparently does not like the Badgers football team's odd at winning the National Championship next season. With 200-1 odds, Bielema's bunch is the worst in the Big Ten conference.

(Via Badger Beat)

Rivera ready for the season

Tom Haudricourt has a nice article on Mike Rivera today. I honestly forgot that Rivera was even with the team half the time I was watching the games. While totaling 62 at-bats for the season under Yost while batting a .306 AVG.

Rivera's ears perked up when he heard manager Ken Macha say this spring that he would like to assign his backup catcher to one pitcher in the rotation throug the season. That would assure Rivera of playing every fifth game and allow Kendall more rest.

Macha said he was leaning toward assigning Rivera to right-hander Dave Bush, the No. 5 starter in the rotation.

"That would be great," Rivera said. "That will help me stay sharp. And that should help Jason, too. I feel ready for more playing time.

I'd like to see what Rivera can do with a season of 300 at-bats and more opportunity to play the game. Hopefully, for Mike Rivera, skipper Ken Macha decides to let him catch once every five games.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thanks to the Big 3

With one mistake, three great Seniors at Marquette left forever. Marquette fans were excited throughout the season as their first year head coach Buzz Williams navigated the treacherous Big East. Disaster struck against UCONN as Dominic James went down with a fracture bone in his foot. Without James, the Golden Eagles lost their identity.

He returned Sunday against Missouri only playing 17 minutes in the loss, but what would happen if James never got hurt. What if?

Dominic James, Jerel McNeal, and Wesley Matthews are gone. Will Lazar Hayward and Jimmy Butler lead Marquette back next year?

And, don't forget this alley oop from Dominic James.

2009 WI State Boys Basketball

I had the pleasure of watching the Horlick Rebels of Racine take on Eau Claire North Thursday night and play in the championship game against Madison Memorial on Saturday. Horlick's dreams were not meant to be, as Memorial's studs Vander Blue (who has verbally committed to Wisconsin, thank god) and Jeronne Maymon (Marquette bound) proved to be too strong in the game. Wisconsin State Journal article that sums it up pretty well here.

A few quick snapshots of the event, with a little Horlick bias...(click for hi-res)

Kohl Center, Madison, WI


Amazing NBA-style introductions. I would be so jacked up out there...

Future Oregon (standout) Jamil Wilson accepting his medal.

Horlick Rebels hoisting the 2nd place Silver Ball trophy.

Hilariously Embarrasing Way to End a Season

I've made it known amongst my friends, that I am no fan of Marquette, even though I am a Sconnie through and through and currently am living in the Milwaukee area. But, I grew up though 2 hours west of Milwaukee, and all I've ever known was the Badgers, Marquette was a rival of theirs, I learned to dislike them. I didn't even know that they were in Milwaukee until I was in High School, I just didn't really care about them at all. My hatred though, began when I started going to college in Whitewater. It annoyed me to see people who would cheer on a private school (whole other story that doesn't belong in this blog), over the state's pride and joy, the Wisconsin Badgers. They will talk smack to me about Marquette over the Badgers, but then cheer the Badgers on for the rest of the season, it makes little sense to me. What further pushes my buttons, is that Milwaukee area fans will grasp on to whatever team is doing better that particular season, and this fair-weatheredness irritates me. So, I become an anti-Marquette guy, mostly to be a pain in my friend's side, who can't seem to grasp why I would dislike a Wisconsin team so much. Well, you just read my explanation, and yesterday's game against Mizzou, was hilarious. Also, the final desperation shot, I have re-watched that play many times, and honestly feel that I am being objective about this, that shot was not a foul. Peace friends.


There is probably a better picture, but I have work to do:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Badgers pull off the upset!!!

I was wrong about this one. Good game Badgers!

Trevon Hughes comes up huge in Badgers upset win over Florida State (rivals.com).

Information Overload

Marquette survives Utah St.

John Shea thinks Ken Macha can model this year's Brewers with the 2005 A's.

Esquire lists the Seven Dirtiest Teams in College history.

Washington DC writers ditch the Wizards.

Charlie F. Gardner digs into the real reason Ray Allen left Milwaukee.

Braun Returning to Team USA

According to MLB.COM, Ryan Braun is available for Sunday's game against Japan in Los Angeles. Good news for Team USA, bad news for the Brewers.

The Brewers have the final word on whether or not Braun plays, but will they step in? Braun had the same injury last year that put him on the shelf for a few weeks. This year, the Brew Crew just can't afford to have an ailing Braun. Seriously, Jeff Suppan may be the opening day starter. I feel as if Braun gets hurt, the Brewers will crumble. With the current pitching staff the Brewers will need to score 4+ runs a game to stay competitive. Without Braun, I really don't see it being possible.

Doug Melvin has to be concerned. Just like every Milwaukee Brewer fan out there. Braun is the season.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Madness in LA

Anyone else see this? I knew Bill Plaschke was a weirdo.

Brewers Hot Corner Debate

It seemed simple going into Spring Training. Bill Hall & Mike Lamb would man third base, most likely in a platoon type of scenario. If there was to be an injury or setback, then Mat Gamel would be sitting in the wings ready to go.

Casey McGehee decided that he was going to complicate things though by having a tremendous spring (.400 AVG, 3 HR, and my favorite number 0 K's in 30 attempts). The Cubs decided that McGehee's .296 AVG, with 12 HRs and 92 RBIs in AAA Iowa wasn't good enough so they released him, and the Brewers quickly snatched him off of waivers, and he has yet to disappoint them for their faith in him.

Mike Lamb on the other hand is only batting .226 in 31 appearances at the plate. However, being a left handed veteran who is capable of playing many different positions, he seemed to be a lock for the other backup infield spot (Counsell is the first). Then if Bill Hall continues his struggles against right handed pitchers, a left handed/right handed platoon would be implemented (McGehee is right handed).

Bill Hall is of course the starter going in, but who will platoon/back him up? This is the question GM Doug Melvin and Manager Ken Macha are surely struggling with...McGehee's talent/potential or Lamb's versatility/experience?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meet the Cowboys newest Wide Receiver

Apparently the Jaguars don't need wide receivers or they're tired of Matt Jones. Matt Jones is back in the hot seat after he drank some beer while playing golf. Its too bad that for Jones that drinking beer is a no-no following a drug charge in 2008. So with that said the Jaguars released him, and I'm betting Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys will sign him.

He's already been suspended once, probably will be again, but hey he's still not making it rain like Adam Jones.

Could the Jags land Crabtree or Maclin in the draft?

Monday, March 16, 2009

P.J. Hill won't be celebrating tomorrow

So what happens when you have have two drinking and driving tickets? You ruin your stock in the draft! Former Badger running back P.J. Hill won't be roaming State St. tomorrow as he was arrested early Saturday morning in Madison. Badger running backs seem to have problems with the law. Think about it...Brent Moss, Booker Stanley, Lance Smith.

Besides that...hopefully these Badgers have a better chance at getting drafted.