Saturday, March 28, 2009

2009 MLB Predictions - Rookie of the Year


Dustin - It would seem the obvious choice would actually be David Price, after his marvelous post season stint with the Tampa Bay Rays, it would seem as if he was a grizzled veteran and not in fact vying for the ROY award, however, I have a hard time wanting to put faith in a young pitcher, even one as talented and as proven as David Price. Price is currently in the minors, but I expect to see him called up early in the season. My next choice was going to be Matt LaPorta, but he too was optioned to the minors, and while I could see him being called up and winning the award ala Braun and Longoria, there just isn't enough certainty he'll be called up to pick him. So, without further selection, Baltimore's #2 starter and an experienced Japanese pitcher. Let's hope for the Orioles sake they got a Dice-K and not a Kei Igawa: Koji Uehara

A.Guss - LHP Bret Anderson of Oakland is my choice. He was acquired from Arizona in the Dan Haren trade. Last year in Class A and Class AA he struck out 118 in 105 innings of work. Bob Geren and Billy Beane will hopefully be making the call up by the all-star break.

Lange -
There are a handful of young players that could help their teams this year, Price and LaPorta among them. Two pitchers for the A's could have a big impact, Brett Anderson and Trevor Cahill, although neither has pitched above the Double-A level. So my pick is a guy that was sent down, Matt Wieters the Baltimore Catcher. All signs point to this guy being a stud.


Dustin -
I hate to be boring on this one, but you have to expect a 5-tool player like Cameron Maybin who has such high expectations to perform.......Cameron Maybin

A.Guss -
I am staying with a pitcher on this choice as well, eliminating the favorite Cameron Maybin from discussion. Jordan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals is my choice. This season he will be the fifth starter in the rotation and with his current velocity should be a top arm for Manny Acta's bunch.

Lange -
Cards outfielder Colby Rasmus will be a popular pick, but Tony "Worst Haircut in Baseball" LaRussa generally doesn't play rookies so it's not happening. Andrew McCutchen is a name you'll hear out of Pittsburgh, but it looks like Maybin's to lose, we've been hearing about him since he was 18, so it's time to deliver. Cameron Maybin, ROY.

NL Rookie of the Year?

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