Monday, March 23, 2009

Hilariously Embarrasing Way to End a Season

I've made it known amongst my friends, that I am no fan of Marquette, even though I am a Sconnie through and through and currently am living in the Milwaukee area. But, I grew up though 2 hours west of Milwaukee, and all I've ever known was the Badgers, Marquette was a rival of theirs, I learned to dislike them. I didn't even know that they were in Milwaukee until I was in High School, I just didn't really care about them at all. My hatred though, began when I started going to college in Whitewater. It annoyed me to see people who would cheer on a private school (whole other story that doesn't belong in this blog), over the state's pride and joy, the Wisconsin Badgers. They will talk smack to me about Marquette over the Badgers, but then cheer the Badgers on for the rest of the season, it makes little sense to me. What further pushes my buttons, is that Milwaukee area fans will grasp on to whatever team is doing better that particular season, and this fair-weatheredness irritates me. So, I become an anti-Marquette guy, mostly to be a pain in my friend's side, who can't seem to grasp why I would dislike a Wisconsin team so much. Well, you just read my explanation, and yesterday's game against Mizzou, was hilarious. Also, the final desperation shot, I have re-watched that play many times, and honestly feel that I am being objective about this, that shot was not a foul. Peace friends.


There is probably a better picture, but I have work to do:

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A.Guss said...

Who beat Wisconsin???? A private school...muhahaha...GO MU