Friday, March 27, 2009

NFL invades NASCAR

As you probably already know Roger Goodell wants an NFL season of at least 17-18 total games. You can read plenty elsewhere on the pros and cons of this move alone. But what about effecting other sports?

Not that I watch NASCAR, but what comes two weeks after the Super Bowl? The Daytona 500. NASCAR's biggest race, and their own "Super Bowl" of racing.
“I don’t think I can make a definitive answer to [changing the date], but I would have a hard time today seeing how that would work for everybody – working for the media partners, working for the sponsors that we share and quite frankly, working for the fan and the consumer base,” said Roger VanDerSnick, senior vice president for marketing and business operations for DIS parent company International Speedway Corp.

Looks like Roger Goodell will have to cozy up to the NASCAR folks...


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Bdogschneeby said...

Nascar (Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks) ... Why is the superbowl of our season on the first race of the year anyways??? Nascar will move their date...they better... cuz i already dont remember most of the superbowl anyways... God forbid if Daytona was on the same day! I might as well just take the rest of February off if they are on the same day!

It makes no sense for Daytona to continue as the first race... MOVE IT!