Saturday, August 29, 2009

Brewers attendance approaches 3 million

Even though the Brewers have disappointed most this season, total season attendance should break the 3 million mark again. Don Walker explains how the Brewers kept the attendance up, while expectations have plunged.

How to explain all of this? First, there was the expectation, now dashed, that the Brewers would be in the playoff hunt this year. As a result, fans bought into the various partial season-ticket plans the Brewers offered going into the season.

Second, the Brewers are very good at selling to groups. Large groups like to come to the ballpark knowing ahead of time that rainy weather won't cancel a game.

Third, the Brewers are promotion-heavy. On Sunday, the Brewers are giving away Jeff Suppan bobble-heads.

So what does this mean Brewer fans? Can we possibly use the money on a top tier FA pitcher?

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jayballistic said...

i was at the game today and enjoyed watching one in three people pass on the suppan bobblehead. i may even be inspired enough to attend the september 20th "bob melvin bobblehead day" just to see how few people take the brewers up on that offer. i'm thinking the listing to sell that piece of junk on ebay would cost more than the "buy it now" price.