Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bill Hall is Back, Hide your children!!!

No No No...

Im quite sure that some of the Brewers faithful are making this a casual part of their conversations these days. The constant disapproval of managers, coaches and players alike has been mainstream seemingly since the start of June.

Well the latest move to confuse this Brewer fan is the recalling of Bill Hall back to the City of Milwaukee.

I know that Cory Hart is hurt, and we dont want to waste any of the millions that we are paying Bill Hall, but I think the wise investment would have been to keep him down there as planned. He needs to regain his confidence, he needs to rework his swing, he needs consistent playing time to do that. I dont see him getting that over the next two weeks even with cory hart out. You know Ken Macha is going to give Catalanato every chance he can, and why not? He's a proven hitter.

Not gonna rant on and on about this. I feel like even though this move seems almost rhetorical with a player going down in the outfield, that we made the wrong decision with our money, lets protect our investment, not waste it.


Hot Rod said...

There really is no other option to call up at this point. There is no other outfielder on the 40-man roster, so you'd expose someone to be picked up on waivers just to get a career journeyman-type like Corey Patterson or Chris Duffy back up to the bigs. To me, not worth it.

Hot Rod said...

And for the record, I hate Asshat Hall as much as the next person around here!