Sunday, August 23, 2009

Real Manny Parra shows up today

Brewers pitching suffered in today's 8-3 loss to the Nationals. Manny Parra had won his last four out of five starts, but today he once again melted down. He lasted until the 3 1-3rd inning, giving up eight hits, eight runs, five of those earned runs. Typical Manny Parra right there folks. He almost tricked you that Chris Bosio had corrected his mechanics and his mental "toughness".

So how do we fix the Brewers pitching staff for next year? I still don't believe Gallardo is a true ace yet.

SP - ?
SP - Gallardo
SP - ?
SP - Bush
SP - Parra

Those questions marks are obvious acquisitions that GM Doug Melvin needs to make during the off season. The mock pitching rotation with the two additions could be a good rotation in the NL Central. If Doug Melvin isn't on the hot seat, he will be if in the off season he doesn't add 1-2 quality starting pitchers. If he settles for a Braden Looper type deal, then well forget it, he'll have a riot on his hands on Miller Park Way.

And congratulations to Alcides Escobar, who hit his first major league home run today.


Dustin said...

The true test for Parra is how he fares on his next outing. Blow up games can happen, its how you bounce back from it. Also, a rotation for next year is going to include Suppan. So only 1 spot is really open, barring trades or something out of the blue

shopvack said...

Unfortunately I don't think the Brewers are in a position to go out and get an ace in free agency. Barring a charity case from a FA or an astronomical rise by another member of the rotation, Gallardo will be next year's ace by default.