Friday, August 28, 2009

Newest WR Diva Suspended

Josh McDaniels may be a new head coach, but he's already had a huge impact on this season. First, it was sending Denver's All-Pro quarterback Jay Cutler to Chicago, and now the team has suspended Brandon Marshall indefinitely. Is this something the Broncos should be proud of? It seems as if the Broncos has a new world order this season as its about the team first, no matter the talent of the player.

Marshall is a stud WR, but he follows the same path as Chad Ochocinco or Terrell Owens. After demanding a trade in the off season, and also complaining that the Broncos medical staff misdiagnosing an injury and was required to have hip surgery in the off season. Oh, and he also wants a new contract. It seems as if the Broncos do not care, and will continue without Marshall.

It was reported by KMGH-TV on Wednesday, that Marshall during practice was acting like a child. While the team was running, Marshall was walking, he punted a ball instead of handing it to a ball boy, and swatted a pass down that was thrown to him. Earlier this week, Marshall was quoted that he hasn't even learned McDaniel's playbook yet.

These kinds of actions should get you suspended. He isn't even trying to earn a good rep with his new coach or teammates. His credibility will forever be damaged.

Can someone please explain to me why WR's are the diva position of the NFL?

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