Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Bandwagon Just Got a Lot Lighter

Many people are still feeling the road rash that they encountered after leaping off the Brewers bandwagon after last night's embarrassing defeat to the Washington Nationals. Most of us were still clinging on before last night, waiting to see what this series along with the next one against the Padres, would bring.

Enter Jeff Suppan in the 5th (and 6th) inning of last night's game. Exit fan's hopes and dreams of a repeat playoff trip.

So quickly do people forget that those who bailed off the wagon in April when the Brewers fell 5 games below .500 were left with healing wounds and the heckling from those who stayed aboard. The Brewers turned it around, and those fans who jumped off had to chase the wagon and crawl back on.

Yes, in April, when our fears were 'realized', that the pitching staff wasn't very good, and it put a huge strain on the bullpen, and well, the Brewers weren't winning games. It was ugly. Then something happened, the pitchers started going deep, the bullpen got refreshed, and the Brewer's bats were able to score the runs we all knew they could. They were the best team in baseball from the end of April to the end of May. What was our pitching staff then? Gallardo, Suppan, Bush, Looper, Parra. Right now we are missing a Dave Bush until sometime in August, but it is the same rotation right?

Maybe last night was the spark they needed, the slap on the back of the head to wake them up. Maybe, just maybe they can go on a similar type of run that they did during May! Maybe we shouldn't forget the Colorado Rockies a couple years back making an incredible, unforeseen surge late in the year (with help from Tony Gwynn Jr. and the Brewers) ....or, maybe we should chime the familiar chime we hear from the area around Chewing Gum Stadium every October..."wait until next year".

Let's see how the Brewers come out tonight, no, wait Villa is starting! Let's wait to see how the Brewers come out for the game Wednesday. Then for those still clinging on to the bandwagon by your fingertips, you'll know if you should hop back up or prepare yourself for football season.

Where am I you ask? Oh, I jumped off, and I am still rolling "right down Wisconsin Ave", but I am a passionate fan who over reacts on a game by game basis. So you know what? I'll will gladly chase that bandwagon and hop back on if given the opportunity. If the Brewers can at least keep their heads above the water until September, anything can happen (see 2008). Let's hope we can fill that wagon back up!

Has the Brewers 2009 Bandwagon officially been broken?

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