Sunday, July 19, 2009

Will FSN Fire Their Camera Guy Please?

The Milwaukee Brewers camera man sucks. I don't know how many times hes screwed up a shot of a home run or would-be home run. Half the time it looks like the ball is going 650 feet and ends up being a flyout on the warning track. Prince Fielder just hit a bomb today but I have no idea where it landed because idiot boy thought it was hit out of the stadium about a half mile. Check after the game and see for yourself. This isn't golf, bro. I would think by this point in the season this guy would have it figured out. He needs to be demoted to following around Telly Hughes or Davey Nelson (we love what you do in the community though Davey; you are just the worst commentator in history).

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Lange said...

For the record, the Camera operators are stadium specific. They don't travel with the broadcast, so if they suck it's a different person sucking every city. And that guy sucked super bad today, he was good at reading the ball off the bat as Chris Berman in the home run derby.

The Milwaukee Crew is solid though.