Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What would it take?

The announcement that Roy Halladay can be had via trade has Brewer Nation clamoring for baseball's best pitcher. Let me preface this by saying I don't think Doug Melvin will be trading for the Blue Jay's ace, the Jay's say they would have to be blown away to make a deal and the Brewers can't afford to give up the quality of prospects they would have to, for a year and a half of Halladay.

But what is the cost? What would it take to put him in a Brewers Jersey? Too much is the short answer, but where's the fun in that. So here's what I think a Roy Halladay to the Brewers deal would look like.

First, the players have to be guys that will at some point be playing in the big leagues, no scrubs. Second, there would be no less than four players dealt, possibly more depending on the quality of those four players. Finally, the Jay's will not take Bill Hall, nobody will, we're just going to have to deal with that one.

So here are the players I think the Brewers would move if a trade was made:

1. J.J. Hardy - SS - Why Hardy and not Alcides Escobar, the Brewers top prospect? Simple, Escobar is as good, if not better, defensively and he is affordable. J.J. will be getting a fairly decent sized payday within the next couple of seasons and with Milwaukee gearing up to throw a big contract at the irreplaceable Prince Fielder, resigning him is nearly out of the question. Escobar is a lower cost solution even at his best, since he doesn't have the pop in his bat that Hardy does.

2. Mat Gamel - 3B/DH - Gamel has a high ceiling as a hitter, and playing in the American League would hide his defense at the designated hitter spot. With the emergence of Casey McGehee and Taylor Green developing at Double-A, the Crew could move Gamel and at least have a body to plug-in at third, albeit one with much lower potential.

3. Evan Anundsen - SP - The Brewers best Minor League pitcher this season, even though he is in High A-Ball. The Blue Jays have a pretty good stock of young arms, they just happen to be excessively injured. If you're getting a pitcher in a trade you'll likely get one in return. Anundsen threw a no-hitter earlier this year for Brevard County, he could be a good one.

4. Angel Salome - C - A couple other names that I debated here were Brett Lawrie and Lorenzo Cain. Salome wins out because he is closest to the Majors and the Blue Jays are a bit thin at Catcher. Lawrie would be a good fit because he is Canadian and can play all over the diamond. Cain because Toronto Centerfielder Vernon Wells has been maddeningly inconsistent. Salome would give them a player that could potentially play next season for the Jays.

So there you have it, a four-for-one deal to add Roy Halladay to the Brewers. Giving up four players who have the potential to be very good major league players. That's the kind of talent that Milwaukee would have to give up to bring a pitcher of that caliber. It wouldn't surprise me if the Blue Jays would want even more than what I've said here.

Is that really worth it? Would you rather contend for this year and next and sacrifice the future of the organization? Personally I'd rather be good for the next ten years rather than the next two.

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A.Guss said...

Nope not worth moving Gamel.