Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Manny Parra's Pre-Game Inbox - 7/9/09

To: Manny Parra
From: Mom
8:36 AM
Subject: Good Luck


I heard the good news, that you are going back to Milwaukee to pitch for the Brewers. Show them they were wrong to send you to AAA. Good luck, do what we know you can do.



To: Manny Parra
From: Doug Melvin
8:58 AM
Subject: Distraction


You pitched pretty well in Nashville, we are glad to have you back in Milwaukee, we only ask that you become a solid #2 type of starter. No pressure

Now, could you do me a huge favor and tick off Prince again....My Deputy (Braun) and I could really go for getting the spotlight off of our little spat. Just make sure Dave Bush isn't behind you again as he is still a little tender and we really need him for the 2nd half.

Don't worry about the rumors I am looking to make a trade for a pitcher, you won't be affected at all (did you find a nice place to stay in Nashville?) that subject, I've heard Seattle is a nice city, I just feel you should know that, and was just curious how you felt about Canada, I'm Canadian you know.

Yours truly,

Doug Melvin


To: Manny Parra
From: Corey Hart
9:40 AM
Subject: Nashville


Hey, sorry you left Nashville, I love that city, such good music always playing there, so close to my home in Bowling Green, KY.... Gosh I love the Grand Ole Opry. Only in Nashville do people not ask me to wear sunglasses at night, mostly because no one has ever heard that song because they listen to real music in Nashville....god I hate that song.



To: Manny Parra
From: Albert Pujols
Subject: I will punish you

Dearest Manny Parra,

I heard you have confidence issues....I would like to remind you that I am batting .331 with 31 HRs, only 82 RBIs. So, you might not want to think about that.

And if you dare throw a ball inside to me, I will pummel you and stare down my HR (I would have totally stared at it anyways)....point is, don't throw inside on me, unclassy.

Albert Pujols


To: Manny Parra
From: Seth McClung
11:53 AM
Subject: Milwaukee

Hey, welcome back Manny. I'll be rooting for you, but just remember, Milwaukee still likes me more! I have sweet have 'SubParra', but today you will be 'AboveParra'!!

Seth "McHung" Big Red" McClung


To: Manny Parra
From: Sheffields House
11:54 AM
Subject: Good Luck


Best of luck to you, seriously, shut the Redbirds down!


The folks at


To: Manny Parra
From: Toppers Pizza - Waukesha Location
Subject: Welcome Back


We are glad to hear you are back, ever since you, Brad Nelson, and JJ stopped by well, Brad Nelson was cut, you were dropped to the minors, and JJ is underwhelming us all.

To shake the curse, you will need to come back in and place an know, to offset. Don't act like a Triple Order of TacoStix won't hit the spot after you shut down the Cardinals! Just, don't bring Bill Hall with you, AverageDude hangs out at Toppers quite a bit.


Toppers Staff - Waukesha, WI


To: Manny Parra
From: David Bush
12:03 PM
Subject: Both Pitching


We are both making our triumphant returns this week, but does the beard return???? You'll just have to come to Appleton to watch. Good Luck



To: Manny Parra
From: Ryan Braun
Subject: (No Subject)


We know that you want to make a statement today, and believe me I could go for some competent pitching these, we are going to try our best to help you out, but just don't expect too much from us batters today. I mean, it is a day game on a warm sunny day, so, that means that there will be shadows AND the roof will be open! We just can't perform in those kind of understand. Oh shoot, the National Anthem is starting

Good Luck Brah,

Ryan Braun #8


To: Manny Parra
From: Ned Yost
1:02 PM
Subject: Play for me!


Seriously, screw the Brewers! I'm starting up a softball team for a bar league. Was wondering if you wanted in...I'll buy you a pitcher of beer per game. Get back to me, let me know what you think.


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