Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mid Season---Open Thread

The All-Star break is here, and the Crew sits at 45-43. What are your thoughts so far on the season? Post your comments.


AverageDude said...

I posted on my blog a month into the year that I thought we were a .500 ball club, then they went on that mid-midseason run. Now they are coming back to earth. Im sticking by my original prediction, unfortunately.

Dustin said...

After a horrid start that had some giving up after only a week or two followed by a great stretch that had others dreaming of World Series, I think the Brewers fell back to where they belong, which is in a battle with the Cards and Cubs. September is going to determine the winner of the Central...should be fun! GO CREW!

Lange said...

Could've been much better, could've been much worse. The only real surprise has been J.J. Hardy taking his streaky hitting to a new level of crap.

Fortunately it will only take 85 wins to take the Central crown, and this team is capable of that, especially when the pitching gets healthy.

Stacey said...

I'm tired of fans saying "he need to trade for pitching." It's sort of ridiculous because you need sellers to trade with and there just aren't any! Plus if we keep trading away our farm we are left with nothing for the future. I don't see the Brewers as an organization that is going to develop all these players and then just trade them all away. Aren't you glad we kept Deputy Braun and Prince Fielder when they were just prospects?

Brewers will be fine, and if they are .500, so be it.

A.Guss said...

.500 baseball is not acceptable. But, it might just have to be with these Milwaukee Brewers.

Has anyone questioned Ken Macha lately? I've started to second guess him a lot lately. Anyone else?

Braun and Fielder are the best 3 & 4 hitters in the NL at the moment, as long as we don't play more home day games. HA.

Billy and JJ need to go as well.

Bdogschneeby said...

The brewers have an EASY schedule for the next month and a half. The only series against a team above .500 is the Dodgers series.

I think we can finish out July going 11W 4L, August 17W 10L

If we do that, we will be sittin at 73W and 57L, 5+ games up on our closest rival.

How can we do that? Well July & August we have 23 games against the 3 worst teams in the NL (Washington, Pittsburgh, and San Diego) And it is going to be really fun for us as Brewers fans!

September... we will all be screaming again cuz we definitely will suck ass again. But I think we will squeak out the Wild Card or Division on the last days.

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