Monday, July 20, 2009

Ill Say It Again: I'm Glad I'm Not A Cubs Fan

Due to the rain delay that is keeping me from my beloved Brewers I had the distinct pleasure of checking out Monday Night Baseball on ESPN. To my shagrin (butchered that spelling) it was the Phillies/Cubs. It did give me an opportunity to witness quite the beatdown however (In game feed, so hopefully I don't jinx the Phils). Its amazing just how lazy someone can be. Soriano was responsible for back-to-back defensive blunders, including a miscommunication with Fukudome and a straight-out booted fly ball, leading to multiple runs. This brings to mind images of Jason Kendall's triple into the left-field corner in a game against the Cubs I attended. How do you let Kendall get a triple in left field and still call yourself a professional? I think you get paid enough to TRY, don't you Alfonso? I offer no advice to Lou on how to handle this lack of team effort, as it is great to watch them fail....again....and forever.

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AverageDude said...

Karma is a B!itch.