Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When To Believe Brett Favre

We all know Aesop's famous fable about the boy who cried wolf. For fun and for attention he would cry wolf and nearby villagers would come to his aide only to find out he had been lying. Well, one day a wolf did come but the villagers assuming the boy was lying did not. The boy got eaten (or his flock of sheep if you want the watered down version).

We obviously see the comparison between this fable and Brett Favre. Who once again is saying he has retired for good, no one believes him. His credibility is shot. So, I am not yet ready to say that all wounds with Packer Nation are beginning to heal, not yet.

What will it take for me to say Brett Favre is officially done with playing in the NFL?:

- Favre signs a one day contract with the Packers, then submits retirement papers to the league office. This will not only win back many of his once adoring Packer fans who have turned on him (myself included), but be a pretty good indication that he truly is hanging them up.

- Favre actually misses Week 1-8. His record streak of consecutive starts is officially over after the first week, but that isn't what keeps him going. Why through week 8 though? If the Vikings current QB options fail miserably (and they will) and the Viking team is fairing poorly. Don't think the idea of playing half a season on a very good team that has little expectations after a poor start wouldn't be intriguing. He couldn't be a goat, only a savior. If they continue to fail, well, the ship was doomed from the start. If they go on a tear and make the playoffs or further, guess who gets all the credit?

-Favre signs a contract to play in the inaugural season of the UFL. Talk about one way to get a start-up league some face time with the mainstream media. The publicity would be huge and the expectations low. Think about how people cared about MLS for at least one month after David Beckham signed with the Galaxy. If the UFL can get at least one month of people caring, that will be one month more than even their own wildest expectations! Then with 4 or 6 teams in the inaugural season, Favre would have another chance at a professional football championship. I would be in favor of this, especially if his jersey says, "TT Hates Me"

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