Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Three cheers for optimism!!!

As we all know, our fair city doesn't exactly have a storied history of baseball greatness. However, with last year's playoff run, every one i meet seems to suddenly have an opinion on the brewers. Between the die-hards, the bandwagoneers, and the tweens in Hardy shirts, the upcoming season is on all our minds.

So before we all commit to the doom and gloom outlook that is all over our media lately, here at sheff's house i have comprised 3 core reasons not to prematurely cry in your 17 dollar Miller Park beers.

1. Pitching.

Ok, before you whine about the lose of C.C. and the Sheeter, consider this FACT: The brewers did not open the season last year with more than one ace. Sheets was it, and only later did C.C. come in and rescue us from his falter in the second half. SO don't fall for the guy who says "Dude, their pitching is wrecked, we got no one we can count on..blah blah blah." Parra has got more experience, and a healthy YoGo should take Sheets place for a whole season. With the 10 to 12 wins we WILL get from Bush and Suppan, only Looper is the wild card. And if he fails, McClung should be able start. The bottom line-Brewers pitching is not in the dumps, regardless of what SI and others may tell you.

2. Bye bye Ned Yost.

No more will we watch in amazement as Yost does NOTHING while our pitcher gets shelled in the sixth. And no longer will slumping players remain in the lineup while others ride the pine (Weeks and Durham last year). Ken Macca lends his experienced hand and tough attitude to the formally player-friendly position held by Neddy. So rest assured we won't be yelling at our T.V.'s over stupid moves by the leader of the the crew.

3. Experienced Core

With another year down and our team core in tact, things can only get better. Weeks, who struggled mightily last year, had a sold spring with a batting average over 300. Prince got his money, so he won't be gripping the bat as hard as possible and swinging for the fences on every turn. The smart decision by GM Doug Melvin to keep Cameron in center, who will play a whole season this year, is only going to provide leadership for the younger guys. And to expect 30 homeruns from him is not unreasonable. And Braun is, well, Braun.

So we can debate stats all day, and we can fret about the care bears to the south, but the Brewers are poised for a great season. And, hopefully, a repeat playoff run. Get happy Milwaukee.

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