Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just Settle Down - Myself Included

We have been spoiled as Brewers fans. For 5 straight years the Milwaukee Brewers came out of opening day with a victory in hand. And you know what, it is nice, to get that first W out of the way, no worrying about when it might come it is there, it is done with, life is good.

Who went into yesterday really feeling good? Jeff Suppan vs Tim Lincecum. I fully expected it to be a loss. What I didn't expect, and anyone else for that matter, was the manner in which the Crew would lose. You expect Suppan to get hit around for a few runs, and you expect that Lincecum would be almost impossible to get any sort of rally going. Well, the Brewers hit Lincecum and chased him out of the game after 3 innings, the batters were patient, as mentioned in a previous post, and that is an exciting sign and a reflection on Dale Sveum. The problem, Suppan managed to give up 6 earned and the bullpen just added gas to the fire.

We know Suppan got shelled hard enough to give war veterans horrible flashbacks. We know Seth McClung couldn't find the strike zone. We know that Dave Bush should never come out of the bullpen, though he only had one mistake and a bad umpiring call.

With our pitching already the big question mark, seeing this horrid performance has caused many to overreact. You know what though, you have to remember, these games just sucks it happened on opening day. Reading reader's posts throughout the internets, calls for a Peavy trade have been a prevelant idea, people forgetting Milwaukee is not one of Peavy's teams to be traded to, not to mention the financial burden and high cost it would put on the Brewers. I've read that Suppan should be cut and that Castro should be fired. Both highly illogical and irrational thoughts.

Opening day was not a good day for pitchers all throughout the league....the Brewers just followed that trend. We'll be ok people, take a breath. Now let's hope Gallardo can lock down tonight.


A.Guss said...

You forgot to mention even CC got rocked on his debut with the evil empire.

The Thrill said...

Can't believe that Gallardo homer yesterday, that was a bomb!

Tim Lincecum
only lasts three innings and we can't beat the Giants!? Opener was bad, yesterday was a great game...