Wednesday, April 1, 2009

2009 MLB Predictions - Cy Young

AL Cy Young Winner

Dustin - I think CC Sabathia will be the sexy pick for this, but not for me. For all the money the Yankees dropped, they are certainly expecting Cy Young stuff from CC. I also do not think Cliff Lee will be able to replicate his 2008. My pick has survived cancer and posted a couple fairly solid seasons with the Red Sox, in 2009 he will be lights out........Jon Lester

A.Guss - I'd go with the semi-homer pick and select CC Sabathia, but too easy. I'm picking a former Cy Young winner in Blue Jay's ace Roy Halladay. After, having another great year last year earning him a second place finish I project Halladay to be the standout in the AL.

Lange - Going against Sabathia may not seem the wisest move, but anytime a pitcher threw that many innings (253 IP) it makes me wary, even if he did throw 241 the season before, those innings will catch up with him. So, I'm going to go outside the box on this one. Zack Greinke, (Kansas City Royals if you didn't know). Greinke struck out 183 against only 56 walks for K.C. last season and managed 13 wins on an awful team. Look for better run support and more wins for the 25 year-old.

NL Cy Young Winner

Dustin -
Wowsa the NL has some top notch Aces, Santana, Hamels, Lincecum, Peavy, Webb, Haren. Part of me wants to select either Lincecum for the repeat or Hamels. Lincecum doesn't need an explanation, and I think Hamels, freshly locked up with the Phillies is going to have a monster season. However, I think Brandon Webb has a lot to prove after his almost perfect first half of 2008 and then a sudden dropoff, in 2009 the hardware is his.......Brandon Webb

A.Guss -
Too many choices on the NL side, which will make it another interesting race. I may be hated for this pick, but Carlos Zambrano is the choice. Zambrano is capable of shutting down any NL lineup. His 14-6 record and 3.91 ERA weren't spectacular, but who can forget the no-hitter?

Lange - I like a few young players for this, Chad Billingsley in L.A., Adam Wainwright in St. Louis and Yovani Gallardo in Milwaukee. Because Wainwright and Gallardo are both coming off injuries it's tough to take either of them. So, Chad Billingsley is my choice. He'll have good run support and if he can cut down on his walks from a year ago he will win the requisite 20 games on a very good Dodger team.

Does $$$ = Hardware? The Panel says no

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