Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cutler to Chicago

The Bears made two moves today, but none being bigger than receiving Jeff George Jay Cutler from the Broncos. While sending Kyle Orton to Denver, and losing two first round draft picks this is definitely a win-win for Chicago. Compare below:

Jay Cutler - 86.0 QB rating, 4,526 total yards, and a TD/INT ratio of 25/18
Kyle Orton - 79.6 QB rating, 2,972 total yards, and a TD/INT ratio of 18/12

This move by Jerry Angelo vastly improves the Bears chances of winning the NFC North division crown. Last year the Bears were ranked 21st in overall pass offense, and ranked 24th in rushing. Not very impressive at all. But, imagine a pro-bowl QB now with Matt Forte in the backfield. Jay Cutler should be able to lead the Bears past the Vikings for the NFC North's top spot.

On a side note, Orlando Pace is headed to the Windy City as well.

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