Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coffey Clutch

How valuable will my new favorite pitcher Todd Coffey be this year? He is quickly becoming the talk of the town with his high-energy approach to the game. And did anyone catch his smack talk about the new mets bullpen? Post your thoughts.


Dustin said...

Coffey has certainly been one of the bright spots so far this season.

I thought his comments were hilarious dissing the design of the park from the visiting bullpen. Earlier I was listening to Uecker and he too was complaining, apparently the broadcast booth is so low and has seats directly in front of him, said that often he couldn't see the plate at all.

Typical New York attitude towards visitors I suppose.

A.Guss said...

Well it is a truly awful configuration for a bullpen. Most of the time during the FSN broadcast they didn't even show who was warming up because it was a guessing game. Both BA and Rock both though RJ Swindle was a choice, and out runs Coffey.