Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Game 2 Open Thread

Yovani looks sharp, but Randy Johnson ain't so bad either.

Baserunning mistake, costs us 1 run.

Did we mention he can hit?

Gallardo 6.2 IP, 6 Hits, 2 walks, and 6 K's plus a homer. Still responsible for 2 runners. 2 earned runs.

Stetter was wild. Quick pull from Macha after the walk. Yost would have left him in there.

Big AB for Coffey. Free swinging Molina is up... Ground ball..inning over. 2 innings to go bullpen.

CV12 gets his 3rd career save. Brewers win 4-2, back to .500 baseball.

Gallardo was the big star of the game with his pitching performance, but also with his HR. However, the Brewers can't count on that every 5th day. Coffey looked sharp especially with that nice sinker.

Opening day in 2 days!!

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@diddy05 said...

There are certain times where I think of the McDonald's jingle....that was one of them. ba dup, da duh daaaaa