Saturday, April 4, 2009

2009 MLB Predictions - AL Winners

AL East

Dustin - Oh, hi 2008 Rays, why didn't I put money on you in Vegas to win the East? I know why, it would have been a stupid gamble. Don't look for a repeat, or for another shocker such as the Orioles. Being the only team spending cash will pay off in 2009........Yankees

A.Guss - A feel good story won't happen again for the Rays and the Yankees spent a TON of money for Burnett, Sabathia, and Teixeira. I still don't think that will be enough. The Boston Red Sox with their pitching staff from start to finish will be too much in 2009.

Lange - I would really like to take Toronto here, but let's be realistic. Boston will be the team coming out of the east, a healthy David Ortiz and Mike Lowell will help lift this team.

AL Central

Dustin - Always an intriguing division, and many people are predicting Kansas City to rise from the cellar or Detroit to live up to their expectations. Not me.........Indians

A.Guss - Detroit will rebound after a disappointing year in 2008. KC seems to be a threat, but then again they haven't finished .500 for a long time.

Lange - Unlike the NL west, this is a very good division. Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit and K.C. could all win. I'm going to take the Twins, their pitching staff is too good and, if healthy, Joe Crede could be the bat they need at third.

AL West

Dustin - In what has to be the unfairest part of baseball, only 4 teams compete for the AL West, meanwhile my Brewers have 5 other teams to worry about! I think Oakland and Texas will once again be competitive teams, but this is obviously a lopsided division........Angels

A.Guss - Least competitive division in baseball, at least until Jack Zduriencik rebuilds the Seattle Mariners. The LA Angels are by far the favorite, lets hope that maybe Oakland can make it interesting.

Lange -
Anaheim didn't get much worse, but they didn't get any better either. Look for Oakland to put together some long win streaks in the division and come out on top. With their young pitching coming due and the addition of Matt Holliday this team made a lot of good moves.

AL Wildcard

Dustin -
I would love to pick anyone not from the east, but that won't be the case, and no, the Rays won't make it either......Red Sox

A.Guss -
With the Red Sox predicted to win the division, the NY Yankees spent just enough money to get into the playoffs.

Lange - It'll probably be the Yankees, but where is the fun in that. My pick will be the Kansas City Royals. Behind Gil Meche and Zach Greinke the Royals will sneak into the playoffs. Alex Gordon will finally show why he was drafted ahead of Ryan Braun and Ryan Zimmerman.

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