Monday, April 13, 2009

South Bend to lose Hall of Fame?

Well this seems be total nonsense, but a few people want to move the College Football Hall of Fame to Dallas, TX. Can you imagine South Bend losing the HOF? I know a certain someone that would go completely crazy.

The current College Football Hall of Fame has been located in South Bend since 1995. The current economic downturn has been felt in South Bend, and the HOF could be a victim. With notables of Deion Sanders, Roger Staubach, and Oklahoma State booster and billionaire T. Boone Pickens lead the way for Dallas to fully fund a new HOF in downtown Dallas.

This would be quite the blow for South Bend, and the campus of Notre Dame.


Dustin said...

eh, bother me none, haha

A.Guss said...

Yeah, because Wisconsin will always be 3rd rate to ND.

Dustin said...

Harsh words for someone who earlier last season said something along the lines of:

I think I will go back to cheering for my original team, Wisconsin.

Also, what would 2nd rate be?

A.Guss said...

Ha, I'd have to go with second rate teams such as FSU, TENN, and of course Michigan.