Monday, April 6, 2009

2009 MLB Predictions - NL Winners

NL East

Dustin -
Last years champions, the Phillies are going to have a battle on their hands. After 2 years of perfecting the art of the choke, the Mets stacked their bullpen to prevent what happened in 2008 to happen again, it will work..........Mets

A.Guss -
The Phillies surprised me last year, and now with championship experience I expect them to repeat and hold off the NY Mets.

Lange - If everyone stays healthy it's Philadelphia's to lose. They won't, and the Mets will win the division. New York fixed it's biggest flaw with the signing of Francisco Rodriguez.

NL Central

Dustin -
I want to say the Brewers, but, their starting pitching is going to be on shaky ground......ugh.........Cubs

A.Guss -
Definitely not a sexy pick, but the Chicago Cubs. I refuse to go any further.

Lange - 100+ million dollar payrolls can buy division championships, just not playoff wins. Cubs will take the Central again.

NL West

Dustin -
A very weak conference. The Dodgers lost some arms, the D-Backs have no bats, the Rockies and Padres, laughable. The Giants are intriguing, they have solid pitching and for once, a young team...but look for them to come on in 2010, not 2009.........Diamondbacks

A.Guss -
It'll be Manny time in LA once again, as the LA Dodgers dominate the division.

Lange - This is a poor division. Arizona could make some noise if their young players make some strides, but they won't. The Giants still have some rebuilding left to do and the Padres and Rockies are bad (terrible really). Look for the Dodgers to win by a lot.

NL Wildcard

Dustin -
I am rooting for a repeat of last year, but I am reasonably certain it will come out of the east............Phillies

A.Guss - Just like the Yankees, the Mets tried to fix their pitching and did so with the acquisitions of J.J. Putz and Francisco Rodriguez. Their offense is to potent, and with Santana as the ace the Mets should be wild card bound.

Lange - Seven out of the last nine National League world series teams failed to make the playoffs the following season, I see that happening again. Whether Brad Lidge breaks down mentally or Cole Hamels physically, something will keep this team out of the playoffs. I'm taking the Milwaukee Brewers, there will be enough improvement in the pitching staff that they will be in.

Is History Against the Phillies?

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