Thursday, April 2, 2009

2009 MLB Predictions - MVP


Dustin - If the highest paid player always was the best, this would be Mark Teixera's award, but the Yankees frivolous spending will get them no personal awards for their players. I think the Indians will once again be competitive this year, and that will be in large part of their star center fielder........Grady Sizemore

A.Guss - With Alex Rodriguez out for a few months, the AL race is wide open. Did the Yankees actually pay someone worth their contract in Mark Teixera? Probably not. With the NL East overshadowing the rest of the AL, most people don't think Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers. Last year, Cabrera batted .292 his lowest since 2003, but also put up career numbers in home runs (37) and RBIs (127). If the Tigers don't tank it like last year, look for Miguel Cabrera to take home the AL MVP.

Lange - This is completely up in the air, I don't see Dustin Pedroia repeating and A-Rod is out for the start of the season so there are too many to choose from. I like the A's this year out of the AL West and accordingly that means Matt Holliday would have to have a big year. He's my pick for AL MVP. One note though, if I'm wrong about the A's then Holliday won't win the award because he'll be traded at the deadline.


Dustin - Conventional wisdom would tell me to select Albert Pujols, however I'm not a conventional kind of guy. I am going to go with a homer pick actually, but this homer pick actually has legs to stand on. After signing a long term deal and emerging as a leader after getting swept by the BoSox in 2008, Ryan Braun's attitude and bat (along with a man named CC) helped to propel the Brewers into the playoffs. He has a star power that Milwaukee hasn't seen in many years, so he will not be under the radar. In 2009 the Brewers pitching staff is going to be, iffy, and that is putting it nicely, so if the Brewers are going to compete they will need the bats in a big way, the number one reason the Brewers will compete is my selection for MVP.............Ryan Braun

A.Guss -
I'd like to pick Hanley Ramirez or King Albert, but I'm going with Manny Ramirez. After the Dodgers acquired Manny last year and having a great and successful second half of the season, I will look forward to an entire year of Mannypalooza in LA. With Torre batting Ramirez third in the lineup behind Rafael Furcal and Orlando Hudson there will be many opportunities to produce runs.

Lange -
I am willing to make the obvious pick here. Albert Pujols is far and away the best hitter in the National League, and (unfortunately) I think the Cardinals will be better this year. He'll hit .330 with 35 home runs and probably around 130 RBI's, he's just that good.

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