Sunday, April 26, 2009

Packers Draft Review

The Green Bay Packers have finished 2009 draft with eight total picks.

Round 1 (9) - Boston College NT B.J. Raji
Round 2 (26) - USC LB Clay Matthews
Round 4 (109) - Eastern Michigan OL T.J. Lane
Round 5 (145) - LSU FB Quinn Johnson
Round 5 (162) - South Carolina OL Jamon Meredith
Round 6 (182) - Georgia DE Jarius Wynn
Round 6 (187) - Cincinnati CB Brandon Underwood
Round 7 (218) - Colorado LB Brad Jones

No argument here with Thompson's two first round draft picks with B.J. Raji, and Clay Matthews. The Pack fills the highest two need categories in my earlier post. Dom Capers is a happy man after these two selections to fit his new 3-4 scheme. B.J. Raji has to the favorite to start at the DT in the new scheme with his disruptive size and strength. I think Teddy has a bit of a soft spot in his heart for long haired linebackers as well. The Packers traded up (yes, that right) from New England and selected USC Clay Matthews. Check out the video below on Clay Matthews.

Good picks for Ted Thompson? What do you think?

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