Monday, June 29, 2009

Where are you now - Ben Sheets

You may remember a young right handed pitcher from Baton Rouge, LA who stunned the World in 2000 by blanking Cuba 4-0 winning the Gold Medal. You also remember Sheets by being the Milwaukee Brewer's ace for eight consecutive years. With four All-Star teams under his belt, much of his time was also spent on the DL.

Doug Melvin, and the Brewers let Sheets test the free agency market instead of pursuing him. He originally signed with the Texas Rangers, Mike Maddux also traveled South as their pitching coach. However, the contract was negated when Sheets needed elbow surgery (and the Brew Crew might have to pick up the bill).

So with that being said, Doug Melvin....Can you please bring back Ben Sheets when he is healthy? I believe this rotation, along with a lot of fans needs another strong arm. Why can't this be a reality?

If he is healthy enough, and yes a big IF then Doug Melvin should take a big look at him in the next few weeks. At the beginning of the month, Sheet's agent Casey Close was on ESPN radio, and was "no comment" about Sheet's health.

The pitchers that we have discussed in the past (Jake Peavy, Erik Bedard) have all gone on the DL and seem to be very risky investments. With a signing of Sheets, to a one year deal will only make the pitching staff better, and doesn't effect us after this year. This can be Ben Sheets great ride into the sunset as a Brewer, he missed it last year when the Crew made the playoffs and he got to sit in the dugout. He's a compeitor, an olympic gold winner, and wants to pitch for a winner. I believe its time to go and check how Ben is doing in Texas, and if he is healthy the time is right to bring him back.

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