Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Glavine Released

The Atlanta Braves have released Tom Glavine today. Just when Glavine pitched well in a rehab assignment, and proclaimed himself ready to pitch he now has to find a new home. Could this be the end for one of the greatest left-handed pitchers of all time?

Seems like a story could be developing between the player and the club. Did the Braves not think he was ready or were they clearing room for pitching prospect Tommy Hanson? By the way, Tommy Hanson will make his first start again the Brewers.

“This was not a business decision,” Wren said. “This was a performance decision.”

“We gave (Glavine) the option, ‘If you want to retire, you can retire as a Brave,”’ Wren said. “He asked us to release him.”
Braves GM Frank Wren obviously thinks Glavine has nothing left at 43 years of age. However, Glavine thinks different. For Glavine's sake, hopefully he can catch on with another team that needs a left handed pitcher.


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