Tuesday, June 9, 2009

High Praise

I'm generally not one to post links, but Sports Illustrated was very complementary of the Brewers drafting. Prior to today's draft si.com went through and looked at every draft pick from the last ten years to see which team had the best drafts.

Ranked number one? Your Milwaukee Brewers.

Another NL Central team had the dubious honor of being the worst drafting team of the last decade, the Houston Astros. That's not much of a surprise when you look at their roster. The Cubs ranked 25th.

Baseball America released a Mock draft today,
via Sports Illustrated. They have the Brewers taking RHP Eric Arnett from the University of Indiana.

In a Mock Draft on the Baseball America website, Jim Callis has the Brewers selecting Matt Davidson, a high school third baseman.

JSonline also has a good story about what the Crew may be doing in tonight's draft.

Brewers.com seems to think that Milwaukee will be going after pitching in the first round.

Check out Shef's House later tonight for a recap of who the Brewers do draft.

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