Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Meet the new guy

So dropping the seventh option in the bullpen might not be classified as a ground shaking move, but after last night Brewer Nation probably was ready.

It's official, Jorge Julio's time as a Milwaukee Brewer appears to be up. Julio was released today (not designated to the minors, released) to make room for pitcher Mike Burns who will be coming up from Nashville.

So why did this not happen sooner? It probably has to do with the status of David Riske's elbow. Julio was keeping a roster spot warm for when Riske returned from the DL. Since Riske won't be back due to elbow surgery, the Crew was no longer happy to keep a liability on the roster.

That said, if he pitches well last night he probably stays on the roster, at least until his next awful outing. And there would have been another terrible showing.

So let's meet the new guy. Mike Burns is a 30-year-old righty who was signed as a minor league free agent in January. Burns was drafted originally in the 30th round in 2000.

Over his career in the minors he has been a strike-thrower. This season for Nashville he's struck out 40 while walking 11 in 63.1 innings. His WHIP was an impressive 1.09.

He has made it to the majors before, in brief stints with Boston, Cincinnati and Houston he's thrown 52 innings with a 5.88 ERA. He's been a starter in triple-A this year so expect him to step into the long relief role.

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