Thursday, June 11, 2009

Must Have

Let's be honest Brewer Nation, the Month of June has been ugly so far. Now, there is a lot of time left for this to turn into a good month, or even an average month, but so far, oh so bad. So what is the fix? The Cure All? Well there isn't one. But the team does need to be improved, and there is one clear way to do that. Mark DeRosa.

You can talk all you want about guys hitting the ball hard, or "good outs" but the hits still aren't falling in. DeRosa can play any position on the diamond so when Corey Hart (.218 since May 1), Bill Hall (.120 since May 1) and J.J. Hardy (.143 in June, No homers since May 8) find themselves in prolonged slumps and you want a veteran bat in the lineup, there he is.

Even if the Brewers give extended playing time to Casey McGehee (.389 in June), DeRosa is the guy. Mat Gamel has looked good at times but he's also struggled with 20 strikeouts in 53 at-bats, clearly he is the future, but the Brewers are in a playoff chase right now.

DeRosa is also a player that could play every day and produce every day. His best power months are August and September and he is a .277 hitter after the break. Corey Hart has seemed to disappear since last August and Bill Hall looks like he doesn't belong in the major leagues.

Another benefit would be returning Craig Counsell to a bench role. Counsell will be 39 before the season is over and it's important for the team to have him fresh when the Brewers reach the stretch run. His production has taken a hit this month too, he's batting just .261.

The ideal lineup would put DeRosa as the starting second baseman and McGehee would start at third, with Counsell back to starting 2-3 games a week and hitting off the bench. Bill Hall deserves a bench role until he remembers how to play baseball.

Will this happen? I won't say no, but I can't say yes. Any move would most likely be made after next week's interleague play. Gamel will stay with the team through the Detroit series as DH, but after that he should be sent down for polishing.

Mark DeRosa as a Brewer? I see it happening, and I see it happening soon.

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