Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stallworth gets 30 days...

Only 30 days for manslaughter while drunk? These seems to be a bit lenient compared to other sentences carried out to previous athletes (Mike Vick, Jamal Lewis). Stallworth was drunk, blowing a.13 at the time of the accident. Yes, the victim was illegally crossing the street, but that still does not make it okay for this to happen. Maybe, after drinking at some night club in Miami, Donte Stallworth could have called for a cab. Instead, all the victim's family received was a financial settlement, and losing a family member, but more importantly a father.

Unbelievable, that Stallworth will only serve a 30-day sentence for such a severe act. Just because he had money, he got a deal. That's not fair, and Stallworth should have to pay more of a punishment. Lets see how long Goodell suspends him, I bet its more than the financial settlement, and more than a 30-day jail sentence.

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shopvack said...

He also had his license revoked for life. A punishment is meant to teach a lesson, right? Every day he looks at people driving he'll be reminded of what he did and can no longer do. Not only do I think the punishment is fair and fitting, I also think this is something that should be implemented more often on a case by case basis. Did he receive special treatment? Perhaps, but I don't disagree with the sentencing.