Sunday, June 7, 2009

Brewers aim to shutout braves: FOR THE SERIES

It's a shame we haven't covered this awesomeness sooner. The Milwaukee Brewers are looking to blank the Atlanta Braves for the entire series today. They produced shutouts in wins for the Crew the last two nights, and its up to struggling Manny Parra to finish the deal. The likely hood of this event isn't probable but would be quite an accomplishment for the crew, bouncing back after dropping 3 of 4 in Florida. Its also a huge game for Manny, who has been subpar recently. Its actually a big game for Brewer Nation, because we need Parra to get where we want to go this year. He needs to figure this out sooner than later, because the Brewers are not in an easy division. Go Team!

Oh yea and Bill Hall sucks.

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