Monday, June 29, 2009

Manny Parra Update

We all know of the scariness of Brewers starting pitching as of late. It seems Gallardo is the only one holding his own in that department, and it's a coin toss any other night on what type of pitching we can expect. Our supposed #2 starter doesn't seem to be eager to rejoin the rotation any time soon either. He is 0-2 with an ERA over 4. His main issue has been his command, and he hasn't controlled that in Nashville. He sits at 11 walks in 17+ innings. This does not bode well for our team, and I've heard no real concrete rumors (concrete rumor is an oxymoron isn't it? Thats why I don't get paid to write) suggesting an upgrade in the starting department through a trade. If we have to stick it out with this group it's going to take another few months of the back end of my life, but that's about right when it comes to Brewers baseball.

Oh yea, and Bill Hall is below the Mendoza line. Shocking I know. A$$bag.

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