Monday, June 22, 2009

Brewer's Rumor Mill - The Curse

I left off saying I would be writing perhaps a Cliff Lee rumor mill. Aside from the fact that I don't think the Indians are going to move him, I have decided to suspend these rumor mill postings after the two I wrote about (Peavy, Bedard) have since ended up on the DL. Peavy probably for quite a while, Bedard will only be out for another couple weeks, but he had the same shoulder issues last year as well, and now likely has a giant red flag over his head amongst all possible suitors. If you need your fix of possibilities, Lange wrote pretty good piece not too long ago.

So, with this possible 'curse', it is tempting to post maybe an Adam Wainwright rumor mill (Chris Carpenter doesn't need a curse to get injured) or a Carlos Zambrano rumor mill, or maybe even cross sports with a Packer's Rumor Mill - Brett Favre edition. But, I'll leave well enough alone, plus I don't really wish injury upon anyone, ever (sans Favre if he officially pulls off the Benedict Arnold).

With all that being said, after these last few weeks it is pretty evident that Melvin needs to do something with the pitching staff. As much as I would love to have Mark DeRosa, with Gamel proving he can in fact hack it in the bigs (might still be sent down), and McGehee/Counsell playing so well, infield is not nearly as big of a concern as our pitching is. Every time FSWisconsin shows Doug in the seats playing on his phone, I pray he is currently working a deal that might help the Brewers out.

I know who I am wanting, but once again, I'll leave the name out of it just in case. I'll just say that he is a fellow Sconnie and can likely be gotten with a one for one deal if the Brewers give up one of their shortstops.

...I fear I've said too much

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