Thursday, May 28, 2009

UW eyes Irish in the Fall

In great news for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, UW's Athletic director Barry Alvarez is working to get Notre Dame on UW's non-conference schedule. This would be a great matchup, and a dream come true for some of us...

Notre Dame is currently reworking their schedule with Purdue, as in playing them every other year instead of every season. Alvarez has ties to Notre Dame, by winning a National Championship with them in 1988 alongside Lou Holtz.

The last time the Badgers and Fighting Irish met was in 1964. In 16 games, the Irish lead the series 8-6-2.

The Badgers are known for having a very weak non-conference schedule. With a move like this, Alvarez will improve the Badgers strength of schedule every year. And maybe, Alvarez won't have to schedule "cupcakes" such as Cal-Poly.


Dustin said...

yeah, that Cal Poly was ridiculous to the point the Badgers almost lost....sigh.

This is good for both teams. Irish have had too tough of a schedule and the Badgers to weak. Though I feel the Saturday battles amongst college football fans in WI already beginning to brew.

Going down Irish!

AverageDude said...

Its about time the Badgers wanted to play someone difficult....bunch of PANSIES. GO IRISH!