Monday, May 25, 2009


The Milwaukee Brewers were swept by the Minnesota Twins. Fine, it happens. The Brew Crew didn't hit well during the series and they didn't pitch particularly well either. Fine, that happens now and then as well.

Umpire changes call after manager argues. Say again? That's right, After Twins Manager Ron Gardenhire pointed to a bruise on Joe Mauer's arm, MLB Umpire Adrian Johnson actually changed the call. In case you missed it look below.

Has hell frozen over? Is Pete Rose in the hall of fame? What could Johnson possibly have been thinking? Sure Managers argue calls all the time but they never win. We learned when we were in elementary school that throwing tantrums doesn't get you what you want.

Unless of course that tantrum is directed at Johnson. There is so much wrong with this it's hard to say where to begin. The precedent alone is dangerous, one whiney brat gets his way, whose to say the next time a Manager argues with Johnson he won't buy them that mini-bat that their parents won't let them have.

Would Mitch Stetter have gotten Mauer out? Now we'll never know. I'm sure Ron Gardenhire is happy since he got exactly what he asked for.


Stacey said...

Does this mean I can FINALLY get a mini-bat???

A.Guss said...

Why wasn't a 2nd umpire called in to help make the play correct????

this is unprecedented