Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bill Hall are you serious?

Is anyone else tired of looking at Mr. Mother's Day? Just the sight of him coming to the plate angers me. We've been putting up with the same level of output (nothing!) for years now, based off of one lucky season. Yet we keep running him out there, and he doesn't disappoint.

In his mind he appears the he has his at-bats under control. He'll nod approvingly at a strike that is called on him, agreeing with the umpire on a good call. Why don't you swing the bat then you dipstick? Oh thats right, because your grotesquely long swing can't catch up to anything. I actually just watched him hit a ball into center and stare at it like he knocked it out of the park, marveling at his routine flyout to center field. I suppose it's better than missing the ball completely, which he is very accustomed to. Maybe it's that gigantic chew in his mouth that is distracting him. It reminds of me of a closer we had back in the day named Curtis Leskanic who was supposed to be our savior. I think the 3 pounds of chew in his mouth cut into his fastball speed and took some break off his curve.

Anyhow I'm getting distracted. Bill Hall needs to do one of two things. Start taking shorter hacks and go to right (the long ball will follow accordingly) or take your pink bat collection and get the hell off of our team. Seacrest out (oh yes I did).


A.Guss said...

Its too bad nobody will want Billy. We're stuck with his pink bat, $6 million dollar pay stub, and a contract that lasts till '10....terrible

Hot Rod said...

Did Brendan write this post? Sure seems like it!