Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Badgers lose Blue for now

Bo Ryan and the Badgers have lost a non-binding commitment to Vander Blue. A standout for Madison Memorial, Blue verbally committed to Wisconsin when he was only 15. The Badgers will continue to recruit Blue, and hopefully sign him to a letter of intent.

"In the long run if I feel home is where I need to be," he said, "you'll see me up here with another press conference signing a letter of intent with Bo Ryan."
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So it looks like Blue might be leaving his hometown Badgers, I have an idea for him. Do exactly what Wesley Matthews did. Leave Madison, and head east to Milwaukee and go play for Buzz Williams. In fact, while working out for the Bucks, Wesley Matthews doesn't think the Badgers fit Blue's style.

"Not a knock on the Badgers, but I just don't think that Vander, knowing him as a person and a player, would be his best fit," said Matthews, after a pre-draft workout with the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday. "I'm not even saying Marquette would be his best fit, I just know that his best fit would be being able to get up and down (the floor). He needs to be taught to play off ball screens and make reads and stuff like that."
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Tepid Epics said...

I saw this kid play live against Horlick in the state championship this year.

Dude is the real deal.

And you know what? He doesn't fit the Badgers style of play - which is exactly why the Badgers need him. Something to jumpstart the laxed, boring, play of the recent UW squads.

In my opinion, Blue could be what Tucker was a few years ago - an actual 'go-to' guy.