Friday, October 9, 2009

Will the Pack trade Kampman?

Aaron Kampman might be the odd man out in the Packers new 3-4 scheme. He looked mostly lost all night against the Vikings and is struggling with the switch to linebacker. Greg Bedard of JS is reporting that the Packers may try to trade Kampman before Oct. 20 trade deadline.

3-4 defense sacking Kampman's impact (MJS)

Really Ted? You want to trade away your top defensive star, because you forced him to switch to linebacker? Ouch Ted, you're looking better every day.

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Crazy Politico said...

What they should have done was kept the old scheme one more year. I mean, the defense only gave away 5 of the 10 losses last year, so why change, right? That way Aaron would be comfy.

Actually, they'd be trading him more for the fact that he's a UFA after this season, and they'd get nothing if he just leaves, and in a 3-4 he's not worth the $8 million that a franchise tag would cost them.

So, trade him now, get something, or lose him later, get nothing.