Thursday, October 8, 2009

Romo needs to step up

Everyone is bashing Cowboys QB Tony Romo. At first, we all thought it was the curse of Jessica Simpson, but we're finding out that was just smoke and mirrors. Romo has been inconsistent at best this season whether its fumbling, throwing INTs, or forgetting what down it is, Romo is a mess. I'm not quite sure this is what Jerry Jones envisioned when he opened Jerry World. The best replays that have been on the gigantic video board has been other team's touchdown dances.

Against the Giants Tony Romo threw three interceptions that led to Giant scoring drives. Last week, he was a hand off machine and still managed to cough up a fumble to help the Broncos come back from being down 10-0. The Cowboys continue to lose because their "star" quarterback is a turnover machine.

Wade Phillips insists that Romo is okay, and that he is a hard worker. The Cowboys head to Kansas City this weekend to play the winless Chiefs. Any quarterback should have success against this team, right? Romo must make a statement game this week, or the media bashing will continue.

"No one in that (Cowboys) facility, coaches' office, locker room knows what Tony is going through," Aikman told the DMN. "I do. It's a roller coaster. You feel like you are absolutely alone. No one else gets it.

Troy Aikman feels for Romo as sometimes it tough being the Dallas Cowboys starting QB. (Troy Aikman: Tony Romo feels the weight of Dallas on his back)

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